Family life

André is brought up in a family surrounded by hardworking individuals. His parents have been running one of Denmark’s tops restaurants having a Michelin star consistently for many years in a row. The restaurant was named after André and his brother Pierre, “PierreAndré”. André’s brother Pierre died tragically in an accident at the age of 25 which changed the family forever. Pierre and André was extremely close and both shared the passion of sports, especially CrossFit. A big part of André’s drive towards making it to the CrossFit Regionals and always working hard in every area of life comes from a promise that he made his brother Pierre.

André is very close to his family and especially his little sister Céline, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This sickness meant that Céline’s muscles never evolved which results in limited physical abilities. Céline and André grew up extra close due to her need for physical help. This need was the reason why physical training became a necessity in the whole family.

Family is always #1.


André has always been doing competitive sports in a lot of different fields, the most dominant one being American football. André played American football for 8 years in Copenhagen Towers where he was the speaking captain for most of his years. He also played on the Danish national team where he also was the speaking captain. André moved to the states for 1 year to play American football at a higher level at the age of 16 to pursue his dreams of making to the NFL.

Sports for André is the number one source of education any child should have. Sports builds character and teaches people all about hard work, leadership, comradery, and how to deal with failure as well as success. Physical wellness is the key to achieve mental and spiritual health.

Work fucking harder

/ Work fucking harder /


To grind harder than yesterday.

To always work harder in every area of life.

Work fucking harder is the mindset that you can get whatever you desire in life through relentless efforts. There is no goal or dream too big if you carry the mindset of always giving maximum effort. My family is built upon hard work and everything each individual have achieved has always come down to the hard work they’ve put in.

Work fucking harder is a mindset that you carry with you in and outside of the gym. This principle is not something you need to be born with, it can be taught through various mediums and situations. To achieve anything in life one must be willing to go the extra mile. Being able to work fucking harder is a principle that you live by. It’s the daily efforts that you do to achieve your goals here in life regardless of the circumstances.

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